Junior Warden

The time in Freemasonry does fly past!! At the last meeting of my Mother Lodge (Old Sunning Lodge) I was invested as The Junior Warden of the Lodge. The Junior Warden (JW) is one of the three principle officers within the lodge. As you can see it is a “desk job” with the added bonus of a gavel. It now means I have three years before I go into “The Chair” as Worshipful Master (WM). Its nice to be JW, the amount of ritual to learn isn’t too much actually. This is good as I am now trying to get my head around the WM work. Two years in Freemasonry goes very quick!! 

Learning the Masters work isn’t easy. I have taken lots of advice from various people on how to tackle it. Im getting familiar with the installation work at the moment and investing the officers. I will then work on the other ceremonies. I am looking forward to a trip to Grand Lodge with the WM and the Senior warden to represent the lodge. I have been once before as a Master Mason, will be nice to go as a Warden. 

Last night was my first Lodge of Instruction as JW. We went through the work for the next meeting, this will be a Second degree or a Passing as it is also known. I do enjoy our LOI’s, it gives us a chance to practice the work. We have a great balance or learning and fun and of course a catchup with the lads in the bar afterwards is always great!!

So now im off to do a bit more reading, catch you soon!!