Old Sunning Chapter

I enjoyed a lovely meeting of the Old Sunning Chapter last night. A great ceremony and lovely to see one of my fellow Old Sunning Lodge members join. The Chapter is doing really well now it has seen new members from the Lodge join.

At the December meeting I will be taking office as PS so my head will be in the red book learning the work for this. I do like a challege!!

I snapped the photo above as I really like the Chapter banner, a stunning piece of work.


How quick did that year go??

My year as Worshipful Master is now complete and last night I had the honour of installing my successor into the chair. I had a fantastic night and really enjoyed the ceremony, weirdly I felt the most relaxed at delivering the ritual than I have ever felt. The Lodge is in very safe hands with our new Master

I had a great year as Master, I enjoyed the challenge of learning the work. It certainly wasn’t easy but was well worth it, I had the support of a fantastic team and this made all the difference. During my year I was delighted to be able to initiate two candidates into Freemasonry, to be at the start of their Masonic journey is a real honour.






As Master of your lodge, you join what is known as the circuit. This is the regular visits you make to other Lodges Installation ceremonies, this is a very enjoyable experience as you get to see new Masters being installed, you also get to meet the other ruling Masters who are visiting. You soon get to know them and see them on a regular basis. I really enjoyed visiting other centres, although all Lodge rooms are all laid out in the same way, the style and decorations are very different. Some of the older Lodge rooms are stunning. Below are a few photos of some of the Lodges I was able to visit, more to follow…



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One of the highlights of my year was my Ladies Festival weekend in Bournemouth, my Lodge has not had a Ladies night or weekend for many years and to be able to organise one was fantastic. I am very grateful that so many people attended, It was a great opportunity for us to be able to socialise for the weekend


There is no doubt that as a Freemason you make so many, lifelong friends who you would never have met if you had not joined, Freemasonry is definitely the oldest social network and I have no doubt will outlast many others. The important message I would send to all new members is to have a perfect mixture of serious ceremonies and fun at the festive board and in the bar.


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So my main job now within the Lodge is to support the new Master and assist him with his ceremonies, I am very active within the province managing the Social Media of Craft, Chapter and The Mark. This will certainly keep me busy, the good news is that I will be getting a team of people to assist me with this. The next year for the Lodge is very exciting, I hear we have a new potential candidate and ceremonies to perform for our new members. As for my Freemasonry in general, it’s just brilliant and I love every second of it.