Darkness Visible

I am sure we all welcomed the news from the Prime Minister yesterday detailing the easing of lockdown measures. This means we have a light at the end of the tunnel for our Masonic lockdown. We now need to start thinking about our return as Lodges and also recruitment. Understandably some members will be hesitant in returning and so our re-launch may not be as fast as we would like it to be. We need to continue to engage with these members and consider the possibility of calling off and having a short “Zoom” session for absent members to keep them involved.

Now is certainly the time to think about recruitment, use your social media to let your potential candidates know that you are planning to be “open” once more. If you have candidates waiting, well done and let them know!! Use your social media and any other communication channels to let potential new members know what makes your lodge great and why they should join your lodge. Use terminology that is understandable to non Masons, keep in mind that before we joined we had no idea what W Bro, PAGDC etc etc meant. We also need to consider making reasonable adjustments for those new members who may find learning ritual difficult or in some cases impossible. These members will have skills they can offer to the lodge and we need to embrace this, Freemasonry is not just about ritual… So hit the ground running and plan your re-launch!!

I can’t wait to see our centres and provinces buzzing again, you will never hear me complain that the wait to be served at the bar is too long.

See you soon Brethren!!