A Triple Raising Ceremony is conducted by the Wyggeston Lodge


The three new Master Masons of Wyggeston Lodge along with the Master (left) The three new Master Masons of Wyggeston Lodge along with the Master (left)

Congratulations to our three newest Master Masons who were Raised at our meeting on Friday 16th January 2915 at Freemasons Hall, Leicester.

Once again, the Wyggeston Lodge has continued to rewrite their history by conducting their first ever Triple Raising Ceremony in their 104 years of existence. The Candidates, Bros Tartacuta, Radoja and Carter, were all excellent and were part of a superb Ceremony performed by all the Brethren who took part. Bro Peter Clarke, who is also a member of the Royal Yorkshire Lodge No.265, treated the Brethren to the ‘Yorkshire’ version of the Working Tools in his own inimitable and entertaining style.

The meeting concluded with a wonderful Festive Board where the Brethren and visitors enjoyed the social side of Freemasonry and were additionally entertained by WBro Kelvin Johnson who acted as a very…

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