My Installation


So I have been a Worshipful Master for the grand total of one week!! I had such a brilliant night. We had a huge number of visitors to the Lodge and I’m so grateful to everyone who attended. I was very nervous at the start of the meeting, the ceremony was brilliant and certainly one I will never forget. Jason the Installing Master did a fantastic job and as if by magic I was in the chair. As soon as I got in the chair the nerves seemed to go, this really shocked me. I was then up and running, I closed in all three degrees, invested my officers and the rest of the meeting flew by. Before I knew it the Lodge was closed and we were walking out.


Worshipful Master of Old Sunning Lodge

I walked into the Festive Board with a huge applause and beaming smiles from the Brethren, I took my place with the Provincial Grand Master sat next to me. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves. We had the usual toasts, wine takings and then the moment came for the Immediate Past Master to give a toast to me. I then gave my reply, I have to say there were moments of huge emotion and at times it was a struggle to get my words out. Then came the Masters song, I had heard it for many other WM’s over the years but the first time it is for you its another lump in the throat moment.

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Im really looking forward to the year ahead, we are lucky to have at least two candidates joining in my year so I will get chance to perform all three ceremonies. I have a Ladies festival weekend booked for June and a couple of other Lodge social events planned. Good times ahead, bring on the year!!






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